January 31, 2013

– Something we can listen to down the line and point to as a specific sound from right now.

If you wanted, you could spend hours, weeks, months, even years sifting through decent electronic music from the first part of this decade. There’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud and digital-only compilations and white label 12-inches and overwhelming free mixes and live video sets…it goes on and on. Part of that is that electronic music as a whole is a rapidly mutating genre that has a history that remains relatively undocumented. All these MP3s and streams are the closest we’ll get to having some kind of archive of this stuff, and when it goes away? Uhh, hopefully it won’t go away.

Morri$ is a Kansas-based producer who’s produced for Le1f and pops up on Night Slugs Allstars Volume 2—not a bad crew to associate yourself with if you’re an upcoming producer. “Ladyboy” works because of where it sits in the electronic spectrum, which is in a bizarre purgatory between calm downtempo and erratic, complex drum programming. It’s pretty, relaxing and aggressive all at once. If anything, it feels like a good state of the union for where we’re at with this stuff right now.